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We want to be allies in your quest for success.

We are the best in our trade for a reason and are committed to creating custom websites utilizing the newest and best practices available. Through the power of WordPress (the most popular and widely used content management system in the world), we are able to build scalable websites and streamline integrations (blogs, events, social media, etc.), which establishes a critical home base for you to send your new streams of traffic to. This tool allows us to offer all of the same options as popular DIY website builders (Wix, Squarespace, etc.), but without the restraints of templates and limited functionality. This means your website will be a unique extension of who you are and not just another website that looks like so many others. In the end, your website is the glue that ties everything together and is the core of your digital kingdom. Get this right and your followers will be singing your praises!

We have spells for all your digital needs

Web Design

Ready to stand out and have a website design as unique as your story? The Warlocks can design you a custom website without using cheap stock templates that you’ll find on hundreds of other websites. By providing a completely custom look and feel to your website experience, your story will stand out with a professional online presence that keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more.

Web Development

Now that you have a beautiful web design, let’s put it all together and make it function. We use WordPress (the most popular content management system) which allows us to build scalable websites and streamline integrations (blogs, events, social media, etc.). This allows us to offer all of the same options as popular DIY website builders (Wix, Squarespace), but without the restraints of templates and limited functionality.

Email Marketing

Let the Warlocks set up and configure your email marketing platform to be ready for outgoing emails and list creation. We use MailChimp, but can work with almost any email marketing platform you prefer.

Social Media

You know what you want to say, but do you have the eye-catching graphics or videos to post with it? Our social media packages are designed to give you full control over managing your accounts, but provide consulting on your social marketing strategy, examples of what to write, plus professionally designed digital graphics or videos that will make your posts stand out.


If someone searches for your name or book, will they find you? Being found online by search engines is important, especially if you’ve put the time and resources to invest in a great website. All of our websites include the basic best practices for standard SEO. Should you need a more aggressive campaign, we can handle that too.


With entertainers being our niche, we know you are the right person to write your own blogs. However, we want your digital presence to be top notch! We will help you make the finishing touches and take you to the next level.


Highlight your events with our events calendar feature. Create a unique page for each event that displays all the necessary information like location, time, and details. Events will be archived once the event date and time passes and are automatically removed from the “upcoming events section” so that your website is never outdated. This means that your events section won’t require any further content changes to remove old events after that initial event is added.


Looking to sell merch on your website? We’re here to help, we can create a custom eCommerce solution that fits your unique needs. We work with most major merchant processors and will give your website an excellent online shopping experience. Weather you are looking to sell apparel, books, digital assets, or anything we’ve got you covered. We even have a partnership with Blissfully Bookish who is a leader in the bookish merch industry and can offer package discounts when you work with both of us.

Is an alliance with the Warlocks right for you?

Though our skills are things of legend, we know that true magnificence can only be found when we can properly aid you on your quest.

Good Match

  • You are looking to begin, or take the next steps in, developing your online presence.
  • You are seeking an online solution that is specifically tailored to exemplify your own unique style, brand, and passions.
  • You are in need of experts to collaborate with who can help bring your visions to life.
  • You are in search of a reliable solution to lighten your burden of responsibilities and let you focus on what matters to you most.

Poor Match

  • You are simply looking for a quick website to push out.
  • You are only seeking patches or tweaks to be done to an existing website.
  • You are expecting a fully custom website to cost around the same as a templated solution.
  • You are not interested in collaborating on your project.

Our Formula

We’ve spent years honing and refining our craft.

We have established a tried and true process of what you can generally expect when working with us to develop your new website. Take a look at the details outlined below and let us know if you have any questions!

Stage 1:


This is where we all have an opportunity to get to know one another a little better, discuss your goals and objectives, and determine what it is the Warlocks can do to help you.

Stage 2:

Discovery & Research

Shortly following the introductory discussion, we will dive right into learning, more specifically, what it is that you want and don’t want, and what you have seen that stands out to you also, as well as begin researching all of your available resources to gain an even better understanding of you and your brand.

Stage 3:

Planning & Strategy

Once a strong understanding of all of these critical details has been reached, we will work with you via whatever means are best (phone calls, emails, video calls, etc.) in order to establish a timeline and plan to move forward.

Stage 4:

Contract Review & Approval

It’s at this point where we will deliver a detailed timeline of the website development process along with a copy of the contract, which will be carefully designed for your unique needs, based on our previous discussions, and contain an outline of the exact cost of the project, for your review and approval.

Stage 5:

Asset & Content Collection

Once the contract has been approved, we will begin right away to collect assets and content (images, videos, credentials, written copy, etc.).

Stage 6:

SEO & Sitemap Creation

Almost simultaneously to collecting assets and content, we will begin the process of piecing together your sitemap (layout and page structure of your website) and SEO strategy (plan on how to be found online by search engines).

Stage 7:

Website Design

Next, using your unique theme, in addition to the items discussed in our previous conversations, we will start to create a design of your website that is as unique as your story and work with you to get it just right.

Stage 8:

Website Development

After completing and signing off on the design process, it’s time for the real magic to begin! Our team will start to breathe life into your vision and work with you to make sure it is meeting, and, hopefully, exceeding, expectations.

Stage 9:

Walkthrough & Discussion

With your incredible website now complete, we want to make sure you know the ins and outs of everything going on behind the scenes, along with what your site is capable of, as well as work with you on any questions you may have prior to pushing the website live.

Stage 10:

Continuous Growth & Beyond

Now that everything is up and running and you are beginning to share the good news, know that you are never alone! Not only will our team be taking care of regular maintenance and updates, but we are always available to work with you on changes to your website, content management, blog development or social media support.