About the Warlocks

You may never know where a story begins, but this is what we know so far...

Over two decades of combined experience

The Warlocks know what works and what does not.

By happenstance, these two warlocks met and discovered that their paths were closely aligned. Through mutual admiration of each other’s unique gifts, they quickly realized that they could be a far stronger ally to others by combining their powers. In fact, after lowering their defenses, they discovered that they shared many common interests, not least of which was their love of the literature and all forms of storytelling from across the realm. Each desired to help provide authors with the right solution to become true rulers of their lands.

Through their travels, they experienced the drawbacks and deficiencies of the typical marketing agency. Growing tired of the poor communication, impersonal service, surprise costs, in addition to many others, the Warlocks set out to create a solution that would eliminate those shortfalls, all the while crafting something even better. The Warlocks place the utmost importance on defining clear expectations through superior communication, with an intense focus on getting to know you, your style, and your goals. The Warlocks will help you create something that is unmistakably your own. Leave your website needs to the Warlocks and get back to what matters to you most.

Is an alliance with the Warlocks right for you?

Though our skills are things of legend, we know that true magnificence can only be found when we can properly aid you on your quest.

Good Match

  • You are looking to begin, or take the next steps in, developing your online presence.
  • You are seeking an online solution that is specifically tailored to exemplify your own unique style, brand, and passions.
  • You are in need of experts to collaborate with who can help bring your visions to life.
  • You are in search of a reliable solution to lighten your burden of responsibilities and let you focus on what matters to you most.

Poor Match

  • You are simply looking for a quick website to push out.
  • You are only seeking patches or tweaks to be done to an existing website.
  • You are expecting a fully custom website to cost around the same as a templated solution.
  • You are not interested in collaborating on your project.

The Warlocks

Our coven of powerful digital sorcerers.

Daryl Wyckoff

Co-Founder, Business & Finance

The spokesman of the group, this warlock is who you will likely encounter most often. Tasked with a multitude of charges; however, colloquy, commerce, and collaborations are his specialties. Daryl is also the Counselor of Coin & Kingdom for Blissfully Bookish.

Jalin Burton

Co-Founder, Creative & Technology

A court jester at heart, this wizened master of potion weaves mysterious and powerful spells. Within his fingertips lie the skills to create kingdoms.

Morgan Burton

Marketing Strategist

With years of experience and a swarm of skills, she keeps the Warlocks on track and in the know.

Kathryn Wyckoff

Marketing Strategist

An expert in navigating the realms of social media and other content, the Warlocks have come to rely on the sage wisdom from this clever sorceress. In addition to her seat on the Warlocks counsel, Kathryn is perhaps most well known for being the founder of Blissfully Bookish.