Carib Teak Website

A strategic upgrade that produced major results.

The Proccess

  1. Research and Discovery

    We ask questions and listen to the client, review market research, target audience profiles, conduct our own research on the industry/competitors, and present design elements for feedback.

  2. Create a Strategy and Plan

    Brainstorm, sketch ideas, and present solutions for these challenges, along with timelines and budgets for each scenario.

  3. Design the Solution

    Create the content strategy, wireframe, and design comps, with feedback from the client at each step.

  4. Execute the Plan

    Develop the designs in a test environment. Each page is carefully tested for browser compatibility and user experience.

  5. Review and Analyze

    Once the project launches, we review analytics and user feedback. If split A/B testing is conducted, we review the results and present recommendations for additional improvements based on what we learn.

The Problem

  • Too many calls for cheap projects with low profit margins
  • Low closing rate
  • A lot of time spent quoting out projects
  • Not found on Google search results
  • Dark website design was hard to read, content was being overlooked
  • No clear call to action online other than calling
  • Difficult to update the website content without HTML knowledge

The Solution

  • Rebrand with a new, professional logo and lighter color palette
  • Design the website’s user workflow with more information, photos, and a clear CTA for lead forms
  • Integrate lead forms with a communications plan/CRM
  • Optimize everything for search engines
  • Create Instagram API to automatically display social feed on home page
  • Create an easy to use CMS with clear instructions and labels for image sizes

The Results

  • Elevated brand and web design increased trust and perception of value in products
  • Easy to find information allowed users to research before calling or requesting a quote
  • Client had a major increase in calls for higher value projects, less price objections
  • Client spent less time answering questions since FAQs were online
  • Leads sent to email and CRM allowed for quicker or automated responses
  • The client could add their own content frequently, without compromising the integrity of the website design
  • Search engine rankings increased within a year to deliver first page results for national keyword phrases (outranking big retail sites like Wayfair and Overstock)
  • Client saw a 400% increase in sales within one year, has since expended operations and created a second website focusing just on teak shower floors
  • The client has gone from small deals to mostly 5 and 6-figure deals just from organic SEO, with no advertising costs
Carib Teak Website

Carib Teak Website

From concept to reality

We helped this business thrive by designing a website that focused on a higher-end audience of interior designers, luxury homeowners and builders. Content blocks help to visually break up all of the text that is used to educate the user and help with search engine optimization, while increasing the total time the user spends on the website. A board calculator helps the user determine their needs and a clear call to action directs users to the short lead form, reducing time spent on phone calls. Now, when prospects call they are much more likely to purchase and the website has answered their pre-sale questions. Design projects showcased on the blog feed social media content, provide the user with inspiration, and further help with SEO.

Carib Teak Mobile Website